If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine what a video is worth.
We are passionate about video production. We love what we do!
Our craft is bringing your ideas to life through motion, and creating stunning visuals that tell your story. 

"We worked with CVP on a series of interview-style executive leadership videos. From concept to completion, working with CVP was great. They are fantastic collaborators, often advising on the best approach to take, based on our vision for the video, and always delivering the final product on, or ahead of schedule. We look forward to continuing to partner with CVP on future videos." 
Natalie Ferro, Creative Director
"Naïa has decided to try a new video concept and had CVP provide a fresh look, highlighting our resort lifestyle. Working with CVP has been a delight, and we wholeheartedly recommend working with them. Cheers to many more successful storytelling initiatives through your lens, CVP."
Clive Myers, General Manager
Naïa Resort & Spa, Belize
"Custom Video Productions has been an important tool in elevating my business. I lagged behind making the transition to video. As social media platforms algorithms began to change, it impacted my business. With CVP, I have seen great results and traffic to my business. I couldn't recommend them enough."
Phil MacArthur, Principal
Windrift Real Estate
 "CVP is awesome! My video turned out to be more than I was hoping for. They have fun, creative ideas and the turn-around time is amazing. Thank you for such a dynamic way to advertise my dance studio. I highly recommend CVP. Their service is fantastic and eliminated all the hassle."
Cynthia Worthley, Owner
Dance Infusion
"What an amazing opportunity to promote our business though video,
especially when it is done by professionals like CVP. We had a wonderful experience
working with CVP. They are a great team, delivering high-quality work in a timely manner."
Olga Ramiro Ban, Partner
WR Builders
"CVP are top notch professionals in their field. They produced a 3-minute marketing video for me that was beyond my expectations in terms of interpretation and inspiring visuals. I highly recommend CVP for any type of video project."
Al Porter, CEO
Sage Group
"I’ve hired many different video producers throughout the years. I know the challenges associated with finding a producer who is smart, efficient, professional and does good work. I’ve found that CVP has all these skills and more. Thanks CVP, for being a good partner!"
Richard Longland, Founder
The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation
"CVP’s skillset and talent to capture the emotional connection of how to use KettlePizza, took people from curious viewers of CVP’s videos to passionate customers. CVP’s creative video work at KettlePizza helped us launch our product on a global scale." 
George Peters, Vice President
"The ability to work closely with CVP, capturing the essence of The Boston Public Library's mission and creating something so unique was remarkable.  We combined our creative experience and brought a new medium to both our repertoire of video making." 
Katherine Kranenburg, Marketing Specialist
Move Me to Boston